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Salomon S/PRO Supra Boa 130 GW

Salomon S/PRO Supra Boa 130 GW
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Challenging traditional boot constructions to introduce a new standard of perfect fit, Salomon's Supra BOA 130 are built to maximize foothold and performance. Our ExoWrap® Construction combined with the BOA® Fit System provides a micro-adjustable, precision fit and a targeted wrap around the foot that can easily be adjusted throughout the day.

- All-Mountain
- Advanced

WEIGHT: 1905g
The pair: 3810g

For skiers with a developed technique that are confident carving no matter the difficulty of the slope, the snow conditions, or their speed.

A flex rating between 110 and 130 for women, and 120 and 140 for men, ideal for advanced-level skiers and those whose morphology requires more sturdy support.

A last width between 100 mm and 101 mm (MP 26./26.5), considered average, offers greater volume and a more relaxed fit ideal for most skiers. To identify one's preferred last, the foot's width between the first and the fifth metatarsal bone is measured to gather an overview of the skier's natural foot shape and volume.

- BOA® Fit System: The BOA® Fit System delivers a micro-adjustable, precision fit engineered to perform in the toughest conditions.

- Custom tongue: Fully dismantlable and entirely customizable tongue that allows for perfect instep height adaptation. You can add foams or remove materials where it's needed (+/-8mm).

- My Exowrap™ 4D Race: This Race liner brings foot wrapping to the next level thanks to the elastic belt around the forefoot and the new latex-foams layering offering snug foothold and precise steering.

- Polyurethane: A material with consistent density that ensures perfect wrapping, reliable progressivity, and good power transmission.

- Custom Shell HD: The Custom Shell HD process brings fast personalization to the boot lower shell of in 10 minutes. Thin wall construction & new materials allow the foot to be closer to the shell.

- Sensifit Mesh: The alveolated PU insert, located on the inside of the shell, makes it super easy to step in. Combined with the BOA® Fit System, it reinforces the wrapping feeling when closing.

- Polyurethane: Material with a consistent density that ensures perfect wrapping, progressively, and good power transmission.

- Power spine: This metal plate links the cuff and the shell to provide strong back support, progressive rebound out of the turn, and powerful forward flex no matter the snow conditions.

- Custom Shell HD: The Custom Shell HD process lets boot fitters personalize to the boot's lower shell or cuff in 10 minutes, while thin wall construction and new materials keep the foot closer to it.

- Sensitive² footbed: This pre-shaped footbed enables precise ski steering and foot stability thanks to a dedicated rigid heel insert and performance-driven foam layering.

- Elastic belt: A wide elastic section, located around the forefoot, enhances wrapping when stepping into the boot, no matter the shape of your instep or how tight you pull the BOA Fit system.

- Screwed energyzer claw 50mm: Race-inspired, this strap is designed to ensure maximum power transmission. It offers a claw system for strong lower leg hold and an elastic section for rebound and progressiveness.

- Gripwalk premounted ISO 23223: GripWalk pads are premounted and their specific shape offers improved walking comfort and more grip no matter the conditions.

- Screwed BOA® Fit System: The BOA® Fit System delivers micro-adjustable, precision fit engineered to perform in the toughest conditions. It also offers superior heel hold and edge-to-edge control.

- 6mm back spoiler premounted: A plastic piece placed on the back of the boot, between the top of the cuff and the liner, to provide skiers with additional forward lean and more engagement.

- Full service: The buckles, toothplate, strap, and oversized pivot are screwable so dismantling the boot is easy and bootfitters can easily access all parts when working on customizing the fit.

2 screwed aluminum: Two screwable buckles that are easy to remove for bootfitting and repair purposes.

24 - 24.5240 - 249mm38 - 395 - 5.56.5 - 7284
25 - 25.5 250 - 259mm 39 2/3 - 40 1/3 6 - 6.5 7.5 - 8 294
26 - 26.5 260 - 269mm 41 - 42 7.5 - 8 9 - 9.5 304
27 - 27.5 270 - 279mm 42 2/3 - 43 1/3 8.5 - 9 10 - 10.5 314
28 - 28.5 280 - 289mm 44 - 45 9.5 - 10 11 - 11.5 324
29 - 29.5 290 - 299mm 45 2/3 - 46 1/3 11 - 11.5 12.5 - 13 334
30 - 30.5 300 - 309mm 47 - 48 12 - 12.5 13.5 - 14 344
31 - 31.5 310 - 319mm 48 2/3 - 49 13 - 14 15.5 - 15.5 354

Understanding boot and binding compatibility can be complicated. Alpine or Alpine Touring? ISO what?

With multiple boot/binding standards designed for different applications and skier types, finding the right gear requires more knowledge and expertise than ever before.

Contact us to navigate your options and discover what's right for you.