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Freestyle Snowboards

Designed with all-mountain freestyle snowboarding in mind and targeted at mid to advanced riders, the Airis' balanced twin flex with Serrated Egdes and Basalt and Kevlar fiber reinforcement ensure confident grip while flowing smoothly edge-to-edge; while our most versatile AmpTek rocker/camber profile supplies the right blend of power, pop and float so this Airis remains friendly wherever you ride. Balanced Edge Grip and Float AmpTek All-Mountain Rocker offers well-balanced edge grip, stability, forgiveness and float Confident Edge Control 5S Serrated Edges enhance edge grip for confident carving with a smooth feel Balanced Maneuverability and Grip RadCut turn technology allows playful ease-of-use at slower speeds and full-length edge grip at higher speeds Lively Pop, Maximum Stability Twin All-Mountain flex maximizes pop and balance for freestyle riding All-Mountain Versatility Mid-range flex for stability and ease in all terrain Sustainability 100% of Rossignol's wood snowboard cores originate from sustainably harvested forests - Shape: Directional - Insert setback: 1cm-1cm-1cm-1cm - Inserts number: 6*2 - Core: Wood CBF1 - Base density: 4400 Sintered - Base details: 3557 (143), 3657 (146), 3759 (149), 3855 (152) - Flex rate: Flex 5/10 - Waist: 23.9cm-24cm-24.1cm-24.2cm - Sidecut: Serrated Edges (5S) + Radcut (Relaxed) - Rocker Camber: Amptek All Mountain - Radius: 6.6m-6.7m-6.9m-7.2m - Stance width min/max: 46.5 to 58.5cm-47 to 59cm-47.5 to 59.5cm-48 to 60cm - Suggested weight: 30 to 70kg / 65 to 150 lbs - Boot size: 28 to 28.5cm max Technologies: AMPTEK ALL MOUNTAIN ROCKER - Our three patented blends of rocker and camber are each tailored to a specific riding style and intensity level. Featuring softer extremities and a stiffer waist, AMPTEK ALL-MOUNTAIN has a 60/40 rocker/camber blend for well-balanced edge grip, stability, forgiveness, and float. FLEX 5 - Rossignol snowboard FLEX ratings range from softest (1) to stiffest (10) so you can select the best flex pattern for your skill and riding style. Softer boards are easier to manipulate, stiffer boards offer more power and stability. SERRATED EDGES 5S - Our exclusive 5S SERRATED EDGE technology offers five, smaller points of edge contact (one between the inserts and two on either side of the inserts), expanding grip to once unreachable areas of the board for increased stability and edge hold with a smoother, less aggressive feel.
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