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Freeride Skis

K2 Mindbender 108Ti
An all-terrain freeride weapon. The Mindbender 108Ti delivers at any speed in any conditions. A mid-fat waist width, long turn radius, All-Terrain Rocker profile, and Titanal Y-Beam construction work together to create a stable, unflinching freeride ski that wants to be pushed. Whether the snow is soft, firm, chunky, or all of the above, you'll be ready to play through. Specifications: - Dimensions(mm): 136-108-125 - Rocker: All-Terrain Rocker - Radius(m): 22.9 @ 186 - Core: Fir/Aspen - Binding: Flat - Features: Ti Y-Beam, Powerwall
K2 Mindbender 85 Alliance
Fulfill your off-piste ambitions. Designed for intermediate female skiers looking to get off the groomers and into more adventurous terrain, the Mindbender 85 Alliance provides an agile, forgiving platform that excels in a variety of conditions. It shares the same lightweight Aspen Veneer core and All-Terrain Rocker profile as some of its bigger sisters to give you a lively ride with catch-free turns no matter where you are on the mountain. Specifications: - Dimensions(mm): 130-85-113 - Rocker: All-Terrain Rocker - Radius(m): 12.1 @ 163 - Core: Aspen Veneer - Binding: Flat - Features: Slantwall
K2 Mindbender 90C
A nimble freeride ski that's quick on its feet. Harnessing the same Spectral Braid technology featured in some of its wider brethren, the Mindbender 90C offers precise torsional rigidity with a high-energy vibe. Ideal for lighter skiers or those who don't need the stability and stiffness of a metal laminate ski, the Mindbender 90C's Aspen Veneer core and All-Terrain Rocker profile will deliver a fun, lively ride anywhere on the hill. Specifications: - Dimensions(mm): 127-90-113 - Rocker: All-Terrain Rocker - Radius(m): 175 @ 177 - Core: Aspen Veneer - Binding: Flat - Features: Spectral Braid, Carbon Boost, Slantwall
K2 Mindbender 98Ti Alliance
Ultimate versatility in a women's-specific design. The Mindbender 98Ti Alliance is built for women who demand ultimate versatility from their freeride skis. Our Titanal Y-Beam construction keeps things damped and stable when speeds are high and conditions are choppy, while the All-Terrain Rocker profile and moderate waist width maintain quickness and agility when you find yourself in tight spots or technical terrain. Specifications: - Dimensions(mm): 134-98-120 - Rocker: All-Terrain Rocker - Radius(m): 15.6 @ 168 - Core: Aspen Veneer - Binding: Flat - Features: Ti Y-Beam, Powerwall, Correct Flex
K2 Reckoner 102
Make the entire mountain your park. From the pow to the park and everywhere in between, the Reckoner 102 delivers thanks to its heavy freestyle influence. Featuring the same tech as its bigger brothers but with a more nimble waist width, this playful twin-tip is at home whipping cork threes off cat tracks, pivoting through tight east coast trees, or hunting for side hits on the groomers. Wherever you decide to take it, the Reckoner 102 has got your back. Specifications: - Dimensions(mm): 134-102-127 - Rocker: All-Terrain Twin Rocker - Radius(m): 19.3 @ 184 - Core: Fir/Aspen Double Barrel - Binding: Flat - Features: Spectral Braid, Carbon Boost, TwinTech
K2 Reckoner 122
A playful pow slayer. The Reckoner 122 is a dedicated powder twin-tip built to crush pillows, send cornices, and boost wind lips. A fir/aspen wood core combined with our Spectral Braid technology creates the perfect combination of surfy and stout, allowing this ski to bounce, pivot, and charge through the deepest snow without skipping a beat. Specifications: - Dimensions(mm): 144-122-136 - Rocker: Powder Twin Rocker - Radius(m): 23.7 @ 184 - Core: Fir/Aspen Double Barrel - Binding: Flat - Features: Spectral Braid, Carbon Boost, TwinTech
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